With space for 40,000 pallets, we have room for development

Production lines in the industrial sector are running at full capacity in the Netherlands. The storage capacity is usually adjusted accordingly. Still, you may find that inventories remain in your warehouses longer or that additional demand requires production to go the extra mile. This is precisely when flexible additional space is needed.

At 3PLogistics, we know what’s going on in the manufacturing industry and we’re geared to that. We can move quickly in case of temporary or permanent growth or seasonal patterns and store the necessary space for your goods. So if you are short on space tomorrow, we will solve that for you today.

Our capacity is ample and there are many options for storage in our fully automatic warehouse, semi-automatic warehouse, racking warehouses or cold-stack warehouses. Cross-docking is no stranger to us either.


In addition to warehousing, cross-docking, arranging and inventory management, we are also experts in transportation. For both national and international deliveries, you can rely on 3PLogistics. We have contracts with several carriers, each specializing in a part of Europe. We provide these transportation services with high quality and at a competitive rate.

Flexible warehousing

That’s what we’re good at. So do you have special requirements for your goods. We have a comprehensive package of Value Added Logistics & Services (VAL/VAS).


As far as our warehouses are concerned, we are happy to put the figures in order for you:

  • Fully automated warehouse: 15,500 pallet locations
  • Semi-automated warehouse: 14,000 (pick) locations
  • Conventional warehouses: 16,500 pallet spaces

With 29 loading docks, we have all your goods quickly stored and ready to be called off individually by pallet and ready for follow-on transport.

You never pay too much. We work very cost-efficiently…

3PLogistics is fully equipped in terms of size to handle all goods for the industrial sector. The available space is obviously important and sufficient for this, but our flexibility makes it optimally efficient.

This flexibility is not only in storage and our specialty services, but also our rates move with your inventory. You don’t pay per square meter per year or per month. We bill what it says per day and so the costs are 100% variable.

Warehousing is one of our core activities. With more than 40,000 M² of available storage space, we are one of the largest companies in flexible warehousing and our digital systems are a perfect fit for that. All desired information about your goods, is continuously available online. This can be done through a portal, or it can be done by linking to your WMS and/or ERP package. If you prefer communication via email, phone or otherwise, that is no problem for us.

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What customers say about us

  • “3PLogistics unloads the containers and palletizes our goods. Because of the short lines of communication, it is possible to switch quickly and efficiently, making the processes run optimally.”
    stars stars stars stars stars
    Han Hartelman, ICT project manager,
  • “Safely storing goods such as couches and large tables is perfectly possible at 3PLogistics. This allows us to work flexibly, deliver quickly from stock and accommodate peaks easily.”
    stars stars
    Evert-Jan Eijerkamp, Director,
    Home store Eijerkamp
  • “We are very satisfied with 3PLogistics, the communication is pleasant and they are flexible when things go a little differently than usual, in short, a very nice cooperation.”
    stars stars stars stars stars
    Caroline Dommerholt,