We unload your containers quickly and efficiently

Wholesaler inventories can rapidly decline but also become disproportionately large in size from time to time. Their own storage capacity is usually not up to this. At 3PLogistics, we are always prepared for this….

For several wholesalers, we provide storage for such items as: car parts, solar panels, barbecues, refrigerators, ovens, chairs, rugs, etc. Whether packed in boxes, on pallets or delivered loose, nothing is strange to us.

At 3PLogistics, your goods are safe. Our entire location is equipped with surveillance cameras, an alarm system and fire protection.


We have access to several types of warehouses. For example, we can store pallets in racks, in an automated warehouse or stack them as blocks. You pay per day what it says: pallet location per day, not per week or month. This makes your costs even more variable.

Unloading containers

With years of experience, we unload containers quickly, efficiently and guarantee quality. 3PLogistics is close to the container inland terminal ports in Deventer and Doesburg.


If required, we will arrange your transportation throughout Europe. We have contracts with several carriers – each specializing in a part of Europe – with high quality and a good price.

Value Added Logistics & Services (VAL/VAS).

If products need to be labeled, repacked or checked, our team of people with a distance from the labor market is there for you. With the greatest care, we perform all work to make the product more marketable (again).

More than 40,000sq. ft. of storage with customized service…

3PLogistics is fully equipped in terms of size to handle all wholesale goods. The available space is obviously important and sufficient for this, but our flexibility makes it optimally efficient.

You can call off your goods 24 hours in advance. Exactly what you need at that moment. If required, we also provide transportation at home and abroad. 3PLogistics is fully equipped to deliver “customized” Value Added Services and relieve you of this.

Warehousing is one of our core activities. With more than 40,000 pallet spaces, we are one of the largest companies in flexible warehousing. You will see this flexibility not only in variable costs, but also in our digital systems. All desired information about your stock is available online. This can be done through a portal, or it can be done by linking to your WMS and/or ERP package. If you prefer communication via email, phone or otherwise, that is no problem for us.

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  • Your goods always safe.
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What customers say about us

  • “3PLogistics unloads the containers and palletizes our goods. Because of the short lines of communication, it is possible to switch quickly and efficiently, making the processes run optimally.”
    stars stars stars stars stars
    Han Hartelman, ICT project manager,
  • “Safely storing goods such as couches and large tables is perfectly possible at 3PLogistics. This allows us to work flexibly, deliver quickly from stock and accommodate peaks easily.”
    stars stars
    Evert-Jan Eijerkamp, Director,
    Home store Eijerkamp
  • “We are very satisfied with 3PLogistics, the communication is pleasant and they are flexible when things go a little differently than usual, in short, a very nice cooperation.”
    stars stars stars stars stars
    Caroline Dommerholt,