We manage the storage of your goods with fulfillment service

There is an enormous amount of activities involved in keeping and managing an online shop. We don’t have to tell you anything about that. The focus is usually on a well-thought-out online marketing strategy. 3PLogistics can be your flexible partner for the entire logistics spectrum….

For (medium) sized web shops in particular, we provide complete fulfillment. From unloading containers and trucks to storage to repackaging to shipping. We can completely relieve you of this.

Speed is essential! Ordered today before 4 p.m. is also shipped today. So we do it smoothly, but also with all the care for your products and throughout the process.


Unloading containers

Our team of logistics professionals are available every day to unload your containers or trucks quickly and efficiently.



Through cooperation with several professional parcel shippers and by linking to our Warehouse Management System, shipping is well organized. Both for B2B and B2C.


For any webshop, fulfillment is often a major challenge and concern. 3PLogistics takes care of everything from receipt of goods to final delivery. We can provide customized solutions for this and take care of the entire supply chain.

Value Added Logistics & Services (VAL/VAS).

3Plogistics likes to engage people with a distance to the labor market for this specialized logistics service. We can utilize this large group of enthusiastic employees for such things as: packing and packaging, repacking, quality control, labeling and many other services.


Flexible relief for the logistics process….

3PLogistics is fully equipped in terms of size and capacity for every medium and large webshop. With some 40,000 pallet spaces, there are plenty of growth opportunities for your webshop and plenty of room for development.

Flexible warehousing is what we call it, and flexible we certainly are…. We are also flexible in our pricing. You don’t pay per square meter with us. We bill what it says per day and thus the cost is 100% variable.

Warehousing is one of our core activities, but we also provide customized services. Exactly what you need, fully in line with your processes and wishes, and we can quickly step up a gear if necessary.

All information about your webshop inventory is available online. This can be done through a portal, or by linking to your WMS and/or ERP package. Perhaps not entirely obvious these days, but we are also easily accessible.

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What customers say about us

  • “3PLogistics unloads the containers and palletizes our goods. Because of the short lines of communication, it is possible to switch quickly and efficiently, making the processes run optimally.”
    stars stars stars stars stars
    Han Hartelman, ICT project manager,
  • “Safely storing goods such as couches and large tables is perfectly possible at 3PLogistics. This allows us to work flexibly, deliver quickly from stock and accommodate peaks easily.”
    stars stars
    Evert-Jan Eijerkamp, Director,
    Home store Eijerkamp
  • “We are very satisfied with 3PLogistics, the communication is pleasant and they are flexible when things go a little differently than usual, in short, a very nice cooperation.”
    stars stars stars stars stars
    Caroline Dommerholt,