We treat your white goods with extra care and attention

That the transportation and storage of white goods must be handled with care, we don’t have to tell you. All goods in this specific sector are unloaded, stored and transported for you by 3PLogistics with utmost care and precision.

From refrigerators to dishwashers to ovens and vacuum cleaners to heat pumps. We have the logistics expertise as well as the capacity to store your goods – with care. In our fully automated warehouse, more than 160 pieces of white goods can be knocked in and out per hour. And with some 15,500 storage locations, there is plenty of room for development and expansion.

All your white goods are safe, dry and well-protected in our warehouses. If needed and desired, we can palletize, seal or repackage your products. These services are not special to us, but completely natural.

Unloading containers

We have years of experience unloading containers and trucks with refrigerators, freezers, microwaves or washing machines. We do this quickly and efficiently, but with extreme precision and full attention.


By storing your goods in our fully automated warehouse, we can work very efficiently and deliver high quality at low cost. Our conventional warehouses are also ideally suited for white goods storage. Any warehousing, handling or custom spare parts services are also among the capabilities of 3PLogistics.


In addition to container unloading, warehousing, cross-docking and inventory management, we are also experts in overall transportation unloading. For both national and international transports, you can rely on 3PLogistics. With the transportation of white goods for BtoB or BtoC delivery, we offer all options. For this we work closely with transport specialists who can take care of this for us and for you on a daily basis.

White goods. We have made it our expertise….

3PLogistics is fully equipped in terms of size to handle all goods for the entire white goods sector. The available space is obviously important and sufficient for this, but our flexibility makes it optimally efficient.

This flexibility is not only in storage and our additional services, but also our rates move with your inventory. You don’t pay per square meter per year or per month with us. We bill what it says per day and thus the cost is 100% variable.

Warehousing is one of our core activities. With more than 40,000 pallet spaces, we are one of the largest companies in flexible warehousing. You will also see this flexibility in our digital systems. All desired information about your stock of white goods, is continuously available online. This can be done through a portal, but can also be done through a link to your WMS and/or ERP package. If you prefer communication via email, phone or otherwise, that is no problem for us.

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What customers say about us

  • “3PLogistics unloads the containers and palletizes our goods. Because of the short lines of communication, it is possible to switch quickly and efficiently, making the processes run optimally.”
    stars stars stars stars stars
    Han Hartelman, ICT project manager,
  • “Safely storing goods such as couches and large tables is perfectly possible at 3PLogistics. This allows us to work flexibly, deliver quickly from stock and accommodate peaks easily.”
    stars stars
    Evert-Jan Eijerkamp, Director,
    Home store Eijerkamp
  • “We are very satisfied with 3PLogistics, the communication is pleasant and they are flexible when things go a little differently than usual, in short, a very nice cooperation.”
    stars stars stars stars stars
    Caroline Dommerholt,